Saturday, March 15, 2014

BOM Progress

I have been pretty good on keeping up with my BOM blocks.  (not so much with blogging)

I love the Pile o' Fabric blocks.  They are turning out so cute. It will be exciting to see all the blocks together.  The machine stitches block is February and the bottom one is for March. 

It is a quilt as you go BOM, but unfortunately my machine still does not like FMQ anymore.  I get about two inches and it starts skipping stitches and shredding thread. (sigh) It is a little frustrating to say the least.


The Gen X blocks are so fun.  I like seeing how different the blocks are just by making the inverse. The top picture is February's blocks and the bottom is March's.

  I am linking up with Sewjo Saturday of at My Go-Go Life.


  1. Your blocks are stunning!!!! Love them! Thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!!!!

  2. Hi!!! Your BOMs are very pretty!!!!! I followed over from Sewjo Saturday!!!! This has been fun!!!! Thank You

  3. I love those March blocks--Bear Paw blocks done in solids (and especially the inverse) are very fun!