Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More WIP's...

...someday I'll have a finish to share. I have the next two blocks finish on the Pile O' Fabric Skillbuilder BOM.  These ones were a little  more work than just simple piecing.

The Scrap Jar block uses a inset piec-lique method developed by Sharon Schamber.  It took a bit of work sewing around those curves.  Mine did get a little wonky as you can see, but I am hoping that with quilting and washing the extra fabric will blend in. =)

The Pin Cushion block is an appliqué block.  I have done some appliqué work before, but this was my first time using mono-filament thread.  That stuff takes some getting used to.  I had to set my tension pretty low to keep the bobbin thread from pulling to the top. The mono-filament thread also kept unspooling and wrapping around the spool pin which caused lots of issues, so I did have to pick out a section of stitches. But in the end I finished it. =)  And I do like how well the mono-filament thread blends in. 

These are just a few more of the Wonky blocks for my queen sized quilt.  I am getting there. Slow and steady wins the race, right? =) I only have four more sets of blocks to sew up before I can put the quilt top together.  It is so fun to see how all the blocks are turning out.
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  1. Your storage jar looks great, and I'm sure quilting will absorb the extra fabric. I've never heard of piec-lique technique, how do you do it? That BOM looks like a good way of learning new techniques.

  2. This looks so great! You have fab color taste :)