Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wonky Roads!

Wahoo! I finished my Wonky Roads quilt top.  It went together pretty fast really.  The fabric is a fat quarter bundle of Road 15 and a few coordinating Kona Cotton solids. I followed this Stack & Wack Wonky block tutorial.  The first few cuts were pretty nerve wracking. =) I'm not one for just slashing away at fabric, I usually like a clear cut pattern.
But it turned out great.  I think this is one of my favorite quilts so far.  (of course I say that about each new one)
Sorry for the less than stellar photo.  It is hard to get a good shot of such a large quilt. It measures approximately 84x96. This one is going to be quite the challenge to quilt. 
I am linking up with My Go-Go Life for SEWjo Saturday!


  1. This is so fun!! I haven't tried stack and whack for wonky quilts just yet. But it looks like a good, fun project that is also low stress! Might need one of those after finishing the enormous chevron quilt I have going now ;)

  2. This looks amazing!! Seriously, those colors together = swoon!

  3. Absolutely love this! I was going to do a top using that tutorial. . . ended up doing something else, need to get back to that!! :)