Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gravity: Orbit

The next set of Gravity blocks are complete. These were a little more challenging with trying to line up the hexagons and triangles. 

I did sew the pink one together in the wrong order, not just once, but twice. I thought about just leaving it but knew it would drive me crazy every time I looked at it.  Haven't squashed the perfectionist that much yet. 



  1. Looking good! I might have pulled the stitches out too...the first time. You my dear are a trooper to haul them out twice!!

  2. Great job on step 3 blocks! It takes extra attention to keep the colors in their "correct" places for me, too. The colors in the book are not exact matches to the actual fabrics (not complaining; who could expect that?!), so I'm glad for the lettered tags I keep attached to each color even through the assembly process.