Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two Years Later...'s finally finished.  I started this in 2013. It is the first quilt that I did free motion quilting on.  I figured starting with small blocks would be a good way to get some practice in and end up with a quilt in the process.  It feels good to finish an old WIP.  Now to tackle the rest of the pile. 

I did decide to machine stitch the binding down on this one. Needed to get my finish in before the end of the month. =)  It did remind me why I prefer to hand stitch binding.  I just can't seem to get machine stitching to look good. But it is functional which is what counts, right?

This is my finished goal for May's ALYOF.  I was 74 in the goal setting linky.


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  1. Really gorgeous!!! Made with my all-time favourite fabric collection too. Lovely finish xx.