Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What?! I wanna do that!

I've set a goal for myself this year. I am going to learn how to free motion quilt (FMQ).
I'll share a little back story on how this goal came about.  We got a king size bed last year which means...I get to shop for new bedding. =) Well, long story short, I couldn't find anything that I really liked.  So I decided I would make my own. 

I've been sewing for about 10 years and have made several blankets in that time, usually tied quilts.  I wanted to make a nice quilt for my bed, but didn't want just a tied quilt.  I started looking for fabric and patterns online and just figured I would send it out to be quilted (after I saved up for awhile, that does get pricey, especially for a king size). 

In my search I came across several blogs that talked about using their home sewing machines to quilt with. Of course going through my mind while reading about this "What?! You can do that! How cool is that, I so wanna do this." And so my dream or goal was born.  And out of that goal came the idea for the blog.  I wanted a way to track my progress, so here it is. 

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  1. Awesome! I look forward to seeing how it goes for you. I love hearing how someone becomes interested in their hobbies. Best of luck!